AgraFlora Organics Enters 2020 with Fully Automated Industrial Scale Edibles Facility, 2.2m Sq. Ft. Production Facility, Worldwide Distribution and Brands

January 07, 2020

Vancouver, British Columbia / January 7th, 2020 – AgraFlora Organics International Inc.  (“AgraFlora” or the “Company”) (CSE: AGRA) (Frankfurt: PU31) (OTCPK: AGFAF), a growth oriented and diversified international cannabis company is pleased to provide the following corporate summary and outlook to shareholders.

Throughout 2019, the Company by way of direct capital disbursement and/or acquisition deployed over $125 million in associated plant, property and equipment (“PPE”) expenditures related to its company wide cannabis asset portfolio with an emphasis on dual-pronged strategies focused on the Canadian recreational market both in high potency flower, 2.0 products, and the European medical cannabis market.

These are the areas where AgraFlora intends to be a top-tier player in 2020.

Flagship Production and Cannabis 2.0 Manufacturing Assets for 2020

AgraFlora’s cannabis manufacturing stratagem is led by its 51,500 square foot, GMP Winnipeg Edibles Facility. To the Company’s knowledge, its Winnipeg Edibles Facility is the only industrial-scale edibles facility in the country to boast complete automation and production mechanizations, as opposed to the hand manufacturing processes employed by its Tier 1 licensed producer peers. AgraFlora’s Winnipeg Edibles Facility is outfitted with fully automated production flows; therefore, reducing associated labour costs and optimizing product throughput, as follows:

  • Cooking automation: The Winnipeg Edibles Facility is equipped with a confectionery line powered by a custom, made-to-order cooking and mixing system. Recipes are programmed into the confectionery line’s operating system and are queued for production runs. Once the production run is initiated, pumping and heating, mixing, and the cooking of formulations are executed in continuous automated process, requiring no human intervention.
  • Depositing automation: A starchless confectionery mogul corrals the cooked cannabis-infused confectionery and deposits the product into silicon moulds, with resulting deposit accuracy of greater than 99.5 per cent. Flavours, colours and cannabis oil can be substituted during production runs, with no downtime required for changeovers. The confectionery is then automatically cooled, demoulded, sour sanded or oiled, and then individually wrapped. From the moment ingredients arrive at the plant to the time products emerge as finished cannabis-infused edibles, no manual processes or human intervention are required.
  • Packaging automation: The Winnipeg Edibles Facility is equipped with industrial high-speed packaging infrastructure that can wrap, bag and bottle cannabis edibles at speeds exceeding 15,000 packages per hour. Excise stamps are robotically applied to the packages and they are packed into finished cases leveraging automated pick and place systems.

The Company’s Winnipeg Edibles Facility, with 51,500 square feet, is equipped with over 30,000 square feet of dedicated edibles production space, as well as a 750-square-foot pharmaceutical-grade edibles research laboratory. Once activated, the Winnipeg Edibles Facility will be operated by a roster of third generation chocolatiers/confectioners and boasts state-of-the-art manufacturing equipment capable of producing an assortment of both cannabinoid/terpene-infused products for medicinal, functional and adult use.

The facility is a state-of-the-art pressurized, semi-open Venlo greenhouse, which is widely considered to be one of the most technically advanced and environmentally friendly greenhouse operations in the world. Upon successful award of its aforementioned Health Canada cultivation licence, the Delta Greenhouse Facility will hold claim to the highly coveted spot as the world’s second-largest cannabis cultivation operation under glass, with an estimated replacement cost of $190 million.

By way of additional comparison, AgraFlora’s Delta Greenhouse Facility is 100,000 square feet larger than Aurora Cannabis Inc.’s facility in Edmonton, Alberta, and it is also more than 700,000 square feet larger than the current size of the Leamington facility owned by Aphria Inc.

AgraFlora’s internal forecasts indicate that upon receipt of its aforementioned standard cultivation licence from Health Canada, the company will become the fourth-largest licensed producer (LP) in Canada by 2020 financed production metrics:


2020 Estimated Annual Capacity (in grams)

Current Market Capitalization



$ 2,680,203,000

Canopy Growth


$ 9,069,607,000



$ 1,559,658,000

AgraFlora & PSC


$ 79,417,000



$ 1,286,841,000

Cronos Group


$ 3,076,257,000



$ 437,302,000

[1] Forecasted fully funded production metrics derived upon achievement of optimized production at AAA Heidelberg and the Delta Greenhouse Facility.

The Company plans to pursue the processing of EU-GMP compliant cannabis products from its flagship 2.2 million square foot Delta Greenhouse Facility for integration into its European distribution channels. EU-GMP certified cannabis products are eligible for import/export and sale in the European Union.

Construction Update

Throughout 2019, AgraFlora completed 99 per-cent of its Phase 1 facility retrofit and construction initiatives at the Delta Greenhouse Facility, including:

  • Completion of perimeter security fencing;
  • Installation of comprehensive surveillance and anti-intrusion systems, as well as access control infrastructure supported by servers and sustained by independent, backup generators;
  • Completion of post-harvest zones including dry rooms, trim room, secure storage and packaging facilities;
  • Retrofitting of garment hygiene rooms, security/administration offices, as well as staff amenities;
  • Installation of state-of-the-art air exchange system equipped with climate and odour controls;
  • Full roof vent insect netting installation for crop protection;
  • Supplemental light output upgrades and the furnishing of light deprivation screens;
  • Installation of irrigation buffer tanks, mixing stations, and distribution system;
  • Retrofit and upgrade of Argus Titan climate control system; and,
  • Completed grow room divisions for climate and hygiene isolation.

The Phase 1 retrofit at the Company’s flagship Delta Greenhouse Facility comprises approximately 431,000 square feet of cultivation/processing expanse, including over 130,000 square feet of net flower canopy and is estimated to produce 15 million grams of premium cannabis annually.

AgraFlora also reports substantial progress pertaining to retrofit and construction initiatives at its Winnipeg Edibles Facility during the 2019 calendar year. The Company forecasts construction will be completed at its Winnipeg Edibles Facility during the first quarter of 2020.

During Q4 2019, AgraFlora also announced the commencement of a retrofit to seven of the non-core operating buildings at its New Brunswick cannabis campus, including:

  • Structural restorations;
  • Water system restoration;
  • Ventilation system maintenance; and,
  • Additional processing/laboratory/storage area preparation.

Health Canada Licensing Update

The Company and its associated subsidiaries were awarded the following Health Canada licenses in the year 2019:

  • Industrial hemp license at its 2.2 million square foot Delta Greenhouse Facility;
  • Cannabis research license at its Winnipeg Edibles Facility;
  • Cannabis research licence at its GMP-certified Toronto Bottling Facility;
  • Cannabis research license at its 76-acre New Brunswick Cannabis Campus;
  • Standard cultivation license at its Sustainable Growth Strategic Facility (Sanna);
  • Standard processing license at its Sustainable Growth Strategic Facility (Sanna); and,
  • Medical sales license at its Sustainable Growth Strategic Facility (Sanna).

The aforementioned Health Canada licenses function as a foundation for AgraFlora’s anticipated award of a standard cultivation license at its 2.2 million square foot Delta Greenhouse Facility. In September 2019, AgraFlora submitted its affirmation of readiness and video evidence package to Health Canada for its Phase 1 build out at the Delta Greenhouse Facility. To date, the Company has received two separate rounds of request-for-more-information (the “RMIs”) and reports no material deficiencies in its application. AgraFlora plans to submit its second RMI response to Health Canada on or before January 15, 2020. The Company remains confident its upcoming RMI response will address all outstanding requests from Health Canada.

In December of 2019, AgraFlora entered into an interim agreement to acquire 100 per-cent of Sanna Health Corp., a Canadian cannabis company based in the Greater Toronto Area. Sanna’s flagship asset is the Sustainable Growth Strategic Facility which is situated on 16 acres and includes 27,000 square feet of Health Canada licensed cultivation and processing space. Coupled with an option to expand its current production area to 89,000 square feet as well as ample commercial-industrial space for future expansion. Once Ontario’s anticipated regulatory changes take effect expanding retail opportunities Sanna will look to architect and operate an on-site dispensary allowing the Company to capitalize on its prime proximity to the seven million population in the GTA and immediately surrounding areas.

European Distribution Update

The fourth quarter of 2019 saw AgraFlora acquire 100 per-cent of the issued and outstanding shares of The Good Company GmbH (“The Good Company”), with The Good Company becoming a wholly-owned subsidiary of AgraFlora. The Good Company is the parent company of German European Union good distribution practice medical cannabis distributor (EU-GDP) Farmako GmbH (“Farmako”). Farmako is a leading European medical cannabis distributor, headquartered in Frankfurt, Germany, with affiliated companies in the United Kingdom, Luxembourg and Denmark.

This acquisition expedited AgraFlora’s entrance into the European cannabis theatre by arming the Company with existing cannabis distribution infrastructure, supply and licenses/certifications, all while equipping the Company with experienced European cannabis operators. The combined AgraFlora-Farmako entity will function as a high-margin European distribution hub for the Company’s medical cannabis flower and EU-GMP certified manufactured cannabis products produced from its Delta Greenhouse Facility, AAA Heidelberg craft cannabis facility and 27,000 square foot Scarborough, Ontario cultivation and processing facility. 

Farmako realized revenues of over $2.75 million throughout the 2019 fiscal year and has succeeded in capturing an 8 per-cent market share of Germany’s burgeoning medical cannabis arena, while maintaining the highest capital efficiency and positive EBIT margins within the industry.

In addition to activities in Europe, AgraFlora made a step towards other foreign markets that will become more important in the future.

In Q3 of 2019, the Company entered into a definitive agreement to acquire 50 per cent of the issued and outstanding shares of Eurasia Infused Cosmetics Inc. AgraFlora and Eurasia will collaborate to integrate the company’s vertically integrated, farm-to-face CBD processing, manufacturing and distribution model into the Asia Pacific region.

Eurasia Infused, by way of a commercial concession with CBD Group Asia Ltd., controls distribution agreements for CBD and organic cannabis sativa seed oil consumer packaged goods (“CPGs”) for the territories of the People’s Republic of China, as well as the Hong Kong special administrative region. This distribution agreement extends to AgraFlora’s existing portfolio of CBD-infused and organic cannabis sativa seed oil derived product suite.

Domestic Distribution Update

AgraFlora currently has memorandums of understanding (MoUs) in place with established cannabis retailers, Canna Cabana by High Tide Inc. (“Canna Cabana”), as well as Delta 9 Cannabis Inc. (“Delta 9”). In aggregate, Canna Cabana and Delta 9 will boast 45 licensed, high-traffic brick-and-mortar retail locations across Canada by the first quarter of 2020.

In Q4 of 2019, AgraFlora achieved approved supplier status from Gateway Newstands (“Gateway”), North America’s premier newsstand retailer, thus securing high-visibility Canadian shelf space for the Company’s CPG product offering across Gateway locations. AgraFlora and Gateway also announced the companies will also deploy best commercial efforts to pursue conversations relating to a CBD supply and consulting agreement, whereby AgraFlora and Gateway may collaborate to produce a portfolio of CBD-infused CPGs, within eligible jurisdictions.

Statement from the CEO

Brandon Boddy, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of AgraFlora stated: “2019 was a transformative year for AgraFlora, bookended by accretive acquisitions and commercial arrangements for the Company as well as securing the Company’s balance sheet for 2020 activities culminating with the recent closing of its previously announced private placement of convertible debentures for gross proceeds of $30 million.

Among the major milestones achieved in 2019 for its go-forward key operating lines:

AgraFlora increased its equity stake to 70 per-cent in its Propagation Services Canada (“PSC”) joint venture. PSC houses the Company’s 2.2 million square foot Delta Greenhouse Facility; second in size and magnitude only to the Smiths Falls facility owned by Canopy Growth Corporation, the world’s largest cannabis company. The Delta Greenhouse Facility is a state-of-the-art pressurized, semi-open Venlo greenhouse, which is widely considered to be one of the most technically advanced and environmentally friendly greenhouse operations in the world.

The Company also completed a watershed acquisition of a portfolio of cannabis 2.0 assets from an arms-length party, underpinned by a 51,500 square foot GMP-certified Winnipeg Edibles Manufacturing Facility. Furthermore in 2019, AgraFlora aggregated the following high-margin cannabis 2.0 and downstream assets, infrastructure and brands:

  • Canadian GMP-certified Bottling Facility;
  • Canadian organic cannabis sativa seed oil cosmetics manufacturer, Canutra Naturals Ltd.;
  • North American and Asia Pacific CBD performance products manufacturing and distribution agreements;
  • Library of patented cannabis 2.0 product formulations;
  • Patented, pharmaceutical grade and hermetically sealed beverage dispensing technology;
  • Diversified portfolio of 57 distinct, high-value cannabis product and service trademarks; and
  • Exclusive cannabinoid-infused beverage brewing agreement with a prominent Canadian brewing collective.

As the new corporate year begins, AgraFlora finds itself in pole position with an upstream and downstream operating portfolio that now affords the Company unmatched ability to capitalize on cannabis and cannabis 2.0 markets.”

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