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About Agra Ventures

Backed by innovative scientific research and outreach initiatives, our premium cannabis products are building global awareness about the health and wellness benefits of cannabis.

Our Vision

We aim to be global industry leaders with remarkable cannabis products, scalable production and innovative approaches.

Agra Ventures is dedicated to growing, distributing and marketing premium cannabis and cannabis-infused products to customers in multiple jurisdictions around the world. We are passionate about innovation and are committed to providing only the highest quality cannabis to our customers. Our management team strives to grow shareholder value by making astute corporate decisions, entering synergistic partnerships and prudently executing on Agra Ventures’ current business plan.

Our Process

Our world-class team has extensive experience and expertise in natural farming techniques, biodynamics, genetics and strains.

Agra Ventures’ operations are run by industry leaders who are devoted to growing only the highest quality cannabis. Our products draw from an extensive library of proprietary genetics in clone and seed form, all of which have been bred in optimal conditions. Our team is knowledgeable, disciplined and committed to producing world-class cannabis.

Where We Grow

Dedicated to growing only the highest quality cannabis by using natural processes.

Propagation Services Canada

Delta, BC

Boundary Bay’s greenhouse complex in the area of Delta, British Columbia currently utilizes approximately 130,000 square feet of space to grow cannabis. However, the complex has a total capacity of 2.2 million square feet, thereby giving it the potential to become one of the largest cannabis growing facilities in Canada. Located within a 30-minute drive from Vancouver, the greenhouse is set amidst spectacular mountain and oceanfront views.

The retrofitted facilities integrate industry-leading cultivation infrastructure and natural production practices. CO2 emissions are captured and repurposed to benefit plants and a proprietary, energy-efficient, air exchange system and other advanced infrastructure controls temperature and humidity levels. Further, an ebb-and-flow watering system enhances the recapture of irrigation as well as water treatment. Energy conservation is also maximized through a multi-stage lighting system that complements the natural heat from the sun, Lastly, a 1.5-million-gallon hot water storage tank system intelligently redistributes water at off-peak hours.  

Natural processes are integrated into our approach to cannabis production and harvesting.

The Boundary Bay greenhouse complex is equipped with industry-leading cultivation infrastructure:

  • Replacement value estimated at $190 million
  • Fully integrated on-site natural gas-powered power plant
  • Ample heat and electricity production that repurposes carbon dioxide emissions in support of better plant health
  • Proprietary energy efficient air exchange technology
  • Advanced climate and humidity control infrastructure
  • Ebb-and-flow watering systems to enhance complete irrigation recapture and water treatment
  • 5-million-gallon hot water storage tank configuration that: stores energy produced during the day, redistributes water during non-peak hours, increases operational efficiencies and reduces associated energy costs
  • Multistage supplemental lighting that complements natural sunlight to optimize illumination equilibrium

Our Team

Elise Coppens

CEO & Director

During her career in the Canadian cannabis industry, Ms. Coppens’ roles have included but are not limited to serving as President of Bloomera, Marketing Director for Aurora Cannabis and the Director of International Sales for Ample Organics.

Fiona Fitzmaurice


Ms. Fitzmaurice is a Chartered Professional Accountant with over 14 years of experience in accounting and financial control, serving both private companies and public issuers throughout her career. Ms. Fitzmaurice has previously been appointed as CFO of companies that include but are not limited to MacDonald Mines Exploration Ltd., Pasofino Gold and Mojave Jane Brands. Accordingly, Ms. Fitzmaurice has extensive experience with corporate audits, prospectus filings, private placements, financings and corporate acquisitions. As the foundation of her knowledge base, Ms. Fitzmaurice holds a bachelor’s degree in accounting and finance from Athlone Institute of Technology in Athlone, Ireland.

Michael Chyczij

Master Cannabis Growing Consultant

Michael Chyczij has served several functions in the cannabis industry. He began experimenting with various cultivation methodologies and growing techniques 25 years ago. His YouTube channel, Green Grow Spaces, focuses on empowering medical patients with the tools required to cultivate cannabis and has over 20,000 subscribers with over 1.5 million views. In his career, he has also developed an in-depth education and training program for Canna Cabana – one of Canada’s leading retailers of recreational cannabis. From 2019-2021 he worked with Mount Royal University as an instructor and course developer, while also sitting on the advisory board for the faculty of Continuing Education, with a focus on commercial cannabis cultivation. With CannaReps he has operated as a Cannabis Sommelier instructor, as well as spearheaded the development of the “Living Soil at Home” cultivation course. Most recently, he consulted for Health Education and Research of Botanical Sciences Ltd., a medical cannabis producer with a 15-acre outdoor facility in Westmoreland, Jamaica.

Brian O’Neill


Mr. O’Neill has been a practicing securities lawyer since 2009 and is a partner at O’Neill Law LLP. He represents a number of start-up companies and companies that are listed or quoted on the TSX Venture Exchange, Canadian Securities Exchange and U.S. over-the-counter markets. Mr. O’Neill has also represented clients in a variety of industries in securities matters, including public and private securities offerings; mergers and acquisitions; securities exchange listings; public company reporting requirements; and corporate governance. Mr. O’Neill is licensed to practice law in British Columbia, Nevada and Washington.

Joseph Perino


Mr. Joseph Perino was Professor Coordinator of the Police Foundations Program from 2006-2010, and Professor of the Community Studies Department at the School of Community and Health Studies. He has 40 years of experience with the Toronto Police Service with a proven and demonstrated understanding of police governance. From 2001-2005, Mr. Perino served as Staff Sergeant of the Community Response Unit and Primary Response Unit, as well as Detective Sergeant with the Criminal Investigation Bureau, Street Violence Task Force and Vice and Major Crime Squads. Mr. Perino has proven his ability to manage the needs of various and diverse communities while delivering effective police services in a safe and culturally sensitive manner.

Jerry Habuda


Mr. Jerry Habuda brings over 35 years of expertise in law enforcement and specialized units to this role. From 1977 to 2012, he served as a police officer with the Toronto Police Department. During his tenure, he was assigned to the Major Crimes Unit, investigating robberies and home invasions. He was assigned to patrol the Toronto Community Housing projects at Jane-Finch to control drug trafficking and gun violence. Mr. Habuda was with the Warrant Unit where he tracked down and arrested wanted criminals. From 1993-1997, he was assigned to the Northwest Drug Squad on undercover and surveillance work, executing narcotic search warrants. Between 2002 and 2004, Mr. Habuda headed the Street Violence Task Force, a special unit designed to curb the gun and drug violence that was terrorizing the city at the time.